Whether you are seeking relationship or individual psychotherapy with me, we will create a collaborative, working relationship. The focus of this relationship is exploring the concerns you have through talking about them. This relationship is intimate, meaning that we will talk about things that are very personal for you. This relationship is not a friendship although it should be warm and contain mutual respect. Together, we will work to explore, clarify, and help you move toward the changes you want to make in your life.  Entering psychotherapy involves a major investment of personal energy, time, and money. And, it’s rarely easy. In fact, it’s quite difficult to explore issues that feel uncomfortable for us. But, people commit to this process every day because it can help create the positive changes they want to make in their lives. And although there are no guarantees, psychotherapy often leads to better relationships, solutions for specific problems, and significant reduction in feelings of distress. Psychotherapy with me can help you transform your vision for your life into reality. Call to make an appointment.